I’ve been making sausages, drying and curing meat for 10 years as a hobby, because I’m strange like that. This website serves as a reference for my recipes as well as a set of simple guides for those who would like to know more..

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How to make a simple curing chamber

Curing meat at home is a lot simpler than you might think! It’s all about keeping an environment within a certain temperature and humidity range.
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The science of great sausages

So, you’re making sausage. You grind up meat and fat and stuff it in a casing and cook it. Why doesn’t it all just fall out of the casing in a crumbly mess once you’ve cooked it?
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How to make salami

You can make Salami at home, with a few simple ingredients, items of kitchen equipment and a basic home made curing chamber. It may sound daunting but it’s straight forward and once you are setup, you won’t stop creating and experimenting.