Vacuum sealers

Choosing a vacuum sealer

There are a huge number of vacuum sealers on the market and depending on what you want to seal and how often, your vacuum sealer requirements will change.

Based on the audience that will likely visit this site, the main questions you’ll need to ask yourself is what you’ll be sealing and how often. For non professional home use, the main question you’ll need to answer is whether you will be sealing items for sous-vide or sliced meats / cheese etc.

If you are going to be doing a lot of sous-vide, consider vacuum sealers with a “wet” or “marinade” mode and a removable drip tray, so that they can handle sealing items with a lot of marinade included.

If you are going to be sealing delicate items like soft vegetables and bread then look for a vacuum sealer with a “pulse” mode that removes air more gently and can be stopped at will.

If you will only be sealing dry, robust items, such as charcuterie and bacon, you can be less concerned about the “wet” mode and can opt for the cheaper end of the scale.

The heating elements on cheaper models will take less frequent use before failing, so if you are going to be doing large batches at a time, i recommend spending a little more and getting a more robust model

I’ve been using the Aicok model as shown in the pictures above for more than a year.