Cabecero is the name given to the top loin of the Ibérico pig, the Coppa, or Capocollo. This is the muscle running from the neck of the pig to the ribs, it’s name being a compound of the words capo ("head") and collo ("neck"). It’s seasoning will differ slightly from region to region, often with Paprika to help balance the intense flavour of this cut.

This is the perfect demonstration of where buying a good cut, from a well looked after animal is worth every penny - the depth of flavour and the marbling  are quite astonishing.

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  • 1.5 kg Cabecero Coppa
  • 45g salt
  • 13 g pepper
  • 1 g cloves, crushed
  • 1 g cinnamon powder
  • 5 g sweet smoked paprika
  • 1/2 meter of ox bung
  • 3.75 g Cure No 2


  • Mix all of the spiced together and rub into the coppa neck muscle.
  • Seal in a ziplock back and store in the fridge, turning it over daily, for 14 days
  • Remove the coppa and pat dry
  • Soak the ox bung casing for at least 4 hours or overnight and run some water through to clean thoroughly. Do not sniff.
  • Insert the coppa into the ox bung and tie off at each end
  • Pull some butches meat netting over the top ,
  • Weight it and note it down!
  • Hang at around 75RH and 12 - 15 c until it has lost 35% of its weight. This should take around 12 weeks!

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October 11, 2023
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