Basic salami recipe

A basic salami recipe & calculator

I’ve put together the tool on the right to enable you to scale your own salami recipes and also to help you amend those that you can find on this site.

Always ensure you read the instructions on the cure packaging and measure using a set of scales that has adequate precision (graduations of 0.1g).

If in doubt, err on the side of measuring out more casing - there is nothing worse than running out of casing and wasting meat!

There is a minimal amount built into the calculator, as using cure in lower amounts can be more prone to error.

For the addition of distilled water and starter cultures, it’s best to use the manufacturers suggested amount as it may change for different cultures.

The proportion of spices is a guide, feel free to have fun - but try basic recipes first to develop an awareness  of to how the ingredients balance themselves.

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